What is the Barcelona Ladies Open?

The Barcelona Ladies Open is an international level women’s tennis tournament on the WTA Tour that is hosted in Barcelona (Spain) with a total prize of $220,000 USD.

Originally created in November 2003 with a small prize of $10,000 on the ITF Women’s Circuit, it was quickly increased to $25,000 for next year, then later further increased to $75,000 and scheduled for October in 2005.

Unfortunately in 2013 it was cancelled and it’s position in the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour (which it was upgraded to in 2007) was given to a new tournament in Nuramberg (Germany).

6 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is the haven of most people, if not all. Because of the existence of the bed alone, it is a place that is mostly desired to be in for rest and relaxation.

Well, do you want to update your existing bedroom? You might have thought to change or enhance how it looks. You can do just that with these ideas!

Paint the walls. With the help of Hampstead painters and decorators, you can turn the area into its better edition. Colour choice is then in need of much thinking and deliberation and you may have to depend it upon your chosen theme. For modern bedrooms, you have the freedom to pick out any colour from bright to dark. An accent wall can even be done for visual appeal. If you want more patterns and styles, wallpapering can be an alternative.

Use furnishing with a quirky design and form. Articles of furniture nowadays have many different shapes, styles and colour. This also means you have so many collections to choose from. Again, what you get must be in accordance to your bedroom concept.

Go for effective storage. Of course, the bedroom is in need of depositories for your clothes, shoes and all other personal belongings. There are cabinets you can buy, which stand alone, but a more worthy purchase would be to get furniture pieces that double as storage lockers. The bed itself can come with a drawer underneath where you can stash away your wardrobe. All in all, you get to conserve some floor area instead of having a separate cabinet.

Try unconventional positioning. Modernity brings an open minded approach to designing. That then applies to the arrangement of elements such as furniture. You can just do so but you have to keep in mind to make it into a placement that saves space for both freedom and movement.

Invest in innovation. There is nothing more contemporary than technology. If you have the funds and resources, then you can incorporate an entertainment system in your very own bedroom. And to make it more high tech, the television, for example, can even be installed directly to the wall; you do not have to shop for any TV stand.

Personalise. A last advice would be to put your own touch into the design. High quality works are done by expert teams like Notting Hill decorating but for a sense of ownership, it would be better if you give it some styling based on your preferences. If you are a book lover, you can create a little nook for your reading comfort. Do you like figurines and toys? Display them. Even simple photo frames can help in giving character to the bedroom.

Beauty and purpose are subjective. The outcome of the room will still depend upon you, the owner and occupant. Hence, it is best that you are able to identify and understand your wants and needs. From there, you can go on and start the design or remodel process seamlessly.

Design Tips for Your Home Office

There are people that now work from home, whether full time or part time. Hence, many folks have now made use of an extra room and designated it to be a home office. But more than function, it is now made a point to make the area stylish as well.

Supposing you belong to this group, what then can you do to turn and improve your existing studio?

Go for a wall colour that calms you and puts you into work mode. It can be plain or you can go crazy with patterns. This just depends on you. Just make sure to pick out a really good shade that you are comfortable with it because unknowingly or not, colour has physiological effects to the mind and body. It can make a difference as you work, so you should do a deeper look into that.

If your room is quite big, you can incorporate a bed to lay in whenever you are tired and sleepy. Sometimes, you may be spending long hours in there and you will not have much energy anymore to walk towards your bedroom. The downside though is that perhaps the sight of the bed can make you doze off. Well, beware, especially if you have a deadline to catch.

Ensure that the office is well lit, natural or not. If you have lots of windows, make it a point to have them covered though, especially when there is unwanted sunlight in the day. Choosing pretty window furnishings can help in the designing as well. Lamps and lights should be regularly checked to see if they are still functioning well. Luminosity is important, more so when you are to stay there until the wee hours of the morning.

When shopping for furniture, do not just get them because they look good. That is one factor but you should really largely consider its form and function. Will it fit inside? Is it important? Buying insignificant pieces can only crowd the room. That is why it is also best to really plan ahead – the layout and all that – so, that going to the shops will be fast and easy.

Invest in a great office chair, specifically – one that supports your weight and your frequency of use. On top of that, you can choose one with a beautiful design to enhance the appearance of the studio.

Give yourself some inspiration. Working can take its toll at times and when you see décor that you like, for sure your spirits will be lifted up. You will then want to act upon your job again.

Go green by even putting in some small potted plants and flowers. This will bring an air of health and well-being in the interiors. With them, there is an aura of energy and vitality.

You have to take the time to clean and maintain your home studio’s original state. When you do so, it becomes a place more conducive for working and studying.

Garages Do Not Need To Be Ugly: Practical Garage Design Tips

The car’s parking place, the garage, is not just that anymore. Many people have now used it as storage rooms for anything under the sun, making it almost like a junkyard with piles and piles of unidentifiable things.

The garage does not have to be that unappealing, right? If we recognize and see that it has much potential to be something else, then that is a good start. But we must first work on what exists at the moment and that is the clutter.

The first and major step in turning our garage to a gorgeous and functional area is by cleaning and organizing our things. We must identify which among them are needed and can still be kept, which among them we can sell and make money off, which among them we can give away perhaps, and which among them we ought to just throw away.

When that is out of the way, the next element we have to be concerned about is our overall plan for the garage, in terms of both purpose and appearance. We may have an inspiration we can base our concept on like a favorite TV show or movie character maybe. And away from its main aim of being a car port, we can make the remaining space work for us. We can still use it for storage, yes, but the best we can do is do it with a systematic approach. Ready-made repositories and cabinets are available in hardware stores and even in online shops so buying them will definitely be advantageous.

We can even make staying at the garage fun and relaxing by setting up a lounging spot, where we can sit down and drink coffee or better yet, sleep in. If you are a literary lover, you can even place a bookcase there. Paintings and other portraits can be put up for color and a sense of art, while televisions and stereos can also be brought in there for full entertainment.

A factor we must not overlook is garage floor tiles or covering. It is very essential in every garage because it gives out a smooth, clean and even finish for our floor. Not only then is it physically striking but it will help protect you from mishaps and accidents caused by dents or cracks.

The AxleTile company is a good site you can look into for topnotch garage flooring. They offer varying colors and designs; for sure one of them will be fit and suitable for the style you prefer for your garage.

Devote yourself to washable wall paints too so that they are easy to clean and maintain. It would be great to make use of dark colors too so that dirt will not be too visible.

Whatever the outcome you want for your spare space, do not be afraid to experiment. Explore your options, especially price wise, because garage transformation and design do not have to be pricey. Then again, always do invest in those with high quality and excellence.

Deciding on a Garden Theme

Garden ThemeBefore you start on working or ordering people for landscaping your garden, you should have at least a general idea of how you would like your garden to look like. There are garden themes that you can work on depending on the type of plants that you would like to have. From this theme, you can then get your landscape gardeners clapham to help improve the garden.

Vertical Gardens. This is the type of garden that you would like if you want to landscape your walls. It will give your wall a new personality. In addition, if you don’t have much soil to plant on, this is one great way to enjoy the greeneries. If the landscape is for the office, a wall can be installed inside the office for just the purpose. Even if you have a large area to plant on, you can still use vertical gardens, by asking clapham gardeners to make a ladder where plants can grow.


Tuscan-Themed Gardens. When you prefer to plant vegetables or flowering shrubs in your garden, you might consider a Tuscan or Italian-themed garden. Such theme would be ideal for a yard with a lot of soil and space to plant in. You can actually grow crawling plants and use chicken wires for the plants to crawl into. This would make a great arch entrance to your garden. The flowering shrubs can be landscaped  to accessorize the walkway to the garden.


Urban Gardens. It is perfectly understandable to still want a garden, even if you are living in the city. The amount of fresh air that plants provide is something that you cannot get from an air conditioned room. Having a garden in the city may be a challenging task, however, you can get some great ideas from clapham gardeners as well as tips on what are the best plants in your locality and depending on the amount of sunshine that the plants will need.


Indoor Gardens. Your office may need a touch of greenery not just because of the amount of space you have, but also for your eyes that are constantly glued to the computer. Like urban gardens, setting up an indoor garden is a challenging one and you cannot just decide to buy a plant and put it in the office. It may die from lack of sunshine, or it may require some amount of pruning. Consult experts on the matter so you won’t be wasting time and money in trying to improve your office.


Edible Gardens. Who said that edible gardens don’t need landscaping? You would want your clients to visit the site where you pick the bright red tomatoes you send to them, right? You would want to boast your garden, not just for posterity, but for profit and promotional purposes, right?


Project Gardens. Some people enjoy starting on a hobby and gardening is one of them. Depending on your goal for your project garden, you may need some cool ideas from garden specialists. Not because you are good with planting and growing herbal plants, doesn’t mean you’re good at landscaping them right? Would it be nice to grow a botanical garden in recycled containers? That would be hitting two birds with one stone – traditional medicine while saving the planet, right?


The Importance of Wedding Photography in Spain

With Julianne (Barcelona Wedding III)

I believe around the globe, especially here in Barcelona, Spain, wedding photography is considered as one of the most important factors or persona in a wedding. After everything else has been packed up and set aside, it is the wedding pictures that are left. The family’s generations will be able to look at these pictures. Time may whiten one’s hair and wrinkle one’s skin but it can never fade the true emotions and feelings that are captured by pictures. These photographs are the most tangible things that we can walk away with. Thus, it is safe to say that there is an importance when it comes to getting the best photographer for our wedding. It refers to the activities that are related to weddings. It covers picture of the couple before marriage such as the announcements, portrait displays and even the greeting or invitation cards. It is also responsible for the coverage of the wedding and reception. It is even considered as one of the trending business that gives life to a number of efforts for various photography studios or even independent photographers.

It is also known as the best way to give immortality to your special day. Of course, it is given that you are only given a limited number of chances when it comes to capturing your wedding day, so it is clever to employ or hire a professional wedding photographer for this important day or event in your life. Do you want to look back fondly a remember just how great your wedding was, how happy all of the members of your family and friends were or will you look back having regrets that you wished you hired an experienced, professional photographer? It’s fine to have family and friends bring a camera and take photos of their own, but at the end of the day having professional quality photos taken using professional pieces of equipment will produce results or positive outputs that you will be able to treasure for years and even share with future generations of your family.

A one-of-kind and rare get-together is another reason why you should hire or get the said photographer. It is also known that in our daily routine, it is not possible for us to keep in touch with every relative and friends. But in the preparation of the guest list we generally try to include everybody we know. Wedding is only one of the events or occasions in your life where you can find everybody to present and share their joys and sorrows. It will be a brilliant idea to capture and preserve these moments in your wedding. Wedding does not only represent the union or the oneness of two individuals. It is also the union of two families, who are there offer their blessing to couple for their future. If you want to capture such moments, you surely cannot afford to miss the photography of your wedding day. Looking at the other aspect of the photography, you may agree with the importance and role it plays in everybody’s life. Looking at those photographs of various ceremonies, wedding dresses and dance, gives a sense of togetherness, even if the couples are miles apart from each other.

Tips for Achieving a Relaxing Ambience at Home

relax at home“The home is where the heart is,” one usually says. As such, you want to go home to a place where you can spend some peace and quiet time away from the stress of work or school. How can you create and maintain a relaxing ambience at home for your kids and other members of the family? Here are some great tips:

Remove all clutter. A stress free environment starts with a clean and clutter-free environment. Do you remember how you feel when you are in the office? Just looking at the pile of work that are waiting for your desk makes you already feel stressed from the day. When the environment is clean and there is less clutter, the more you will feel organized and at ease.

Do not Bring Home work with you. When there is so much that you need to accomplish, you may be tempted to bring it home. Though this will work for you now, it will also add to the amount of stress that you are receiving. You already worked for the day in the office and bringing the work at home may not help you to achieve sufficient time for rest and relaxation. Eventually this will catch up with you and will make you ill.

Avoid Gadgets. Avoid the temptation to log in to your computer the moment you arrive home. Though you may want to check out your social network or post your recent photo, there’s always that possibility that you’ll do your work instead of relaxing and resting.

Do not put sleep with your phone on. Most people tend to sleep with their phones beside their pillow. If you are trying to achieve sufficient rest and sleep, this may not be possible with your phone beside you on the bed. Messages may come in and this will disturb you, just when you are getting sleepy.

Play with kids. Watching the kids play or playing with them is the best therapy. It doesn’t only relaxes you but it shifts your focus from the day’s workload and stress.

Watch a TV with the family. Spending time with the family will help you ease your stress and at the same time provide quality time with them. Cook some popcorn and snuggle for a movie or two.

Finish your household chores early in the morning.  Weekends are usually the time that you bring your clothes to the washer, or clean up your room. Do this in the morning when you wake up. This does not only help you to de-clutter your home, but it also provides you enough exercise for the work week ahead.

Listen to relaxing music with lighted candles in the bath. A relaxing soak in the bath tub with soft light and music will ease your tired muscles and worried mind. When you have your computer up, you may be tempted to sit down and do your work. This is why you should try to avoid bringing work with you as well as logging in to your computer and try to achieve enough relaxation first.

Wonderful Yellow Blinds

It’s summertime and I’ve got a yellow dress on today. Just in case you wanted to know, ha ha. To go with the summer style, one of the most popular colours is yellow. Another popular colour is green, but we will cover that another time.

Not much to this article, just some inspirational ideas for yellow window blinds and matching interior furnishings for your home.

Obviously if you are not a massive fan of yellow, I would not advise using yellow in a room. It is not always summer and it will probably make less sense to you in the winter time if you are not a fan.

Hopefully this will give you some idea if you would like it or not.

Here are the photographs:






Hope that got your brain going yellow… Get it? Light bulb goes yellow? Not funny? Okay :(

Not sure how much this will really be beneficial to you, but I know a few local people visit the site, so if you’re interested in any of these blinds locally we recommend blinds kettering & corby blinds supplier, Blindstyle.

A little assistance around the home

This is a bit of a personal post, so it’s a little different to normal. Here’s what happened, my nana recently hired someone for home care.

While it’s off my usual topic of “design” it’s still very related to “home” which is 50% of what this blog is about.

So this is really for the older people that require some assistance around the home, or younger people (like myself) with older parents or grandparents that could use some assistance.

This type of assistance is called care at home. There are plenty of local providers of this, I contacted my home care market deeping provider because they’re the nearest local. Or so I thought, they actually referred me to a home care oakham provider.

I later received an information pack with all of the services they provide, here’s a few of those:

  • Home Care
  • Live in Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Respite Care

Fortunately all I was looking for was home care, just regular care visit to her to check up on her and help her out around the home. Maybe with general household chores, preparing meals, whatever is appropriate for her.

I’m sharing this with you because I think it can benefit our readers from knowing such a service is around. It’s much better than any alternatives in my opinion, which is a care home or caring for them yourself.

What colour kitchen should you opt for?

A big question people have when designing their kitchen. What colour kitchen will look best? That kind of depends on a few factors, predominately what specific thing are you looking to colour? For example, your kitchen appliances should usually be 1 colour, unless they’re hidden behind cupboards. Then your worktop should all be 1 colour, your cupboard and drawers should be 1 colour, your window blinds, walls, flooring, etc.

It’s unfortunately very hard to give a specific “colour” to choose for everything, so in this article all I want to provide help for is with colouring the cupboards and drawers.

There’s quite a few colours you can use, here’s what’s popular today:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Silver

My personal favourite is white, but that’s merely an opinion. The trick to using a colour like brown or red is to have other things in the room matching the colour. If you choose white or black it works no matter what. The only thing with silver is you’ll have to purchase stainless steel appliances to match.

One problem people may have with black or white is they show up dirt very easily, so you’ll need to continually be cleaning them to make them look best.

Though when they are clean, they look great:


My advice is to do a quick google images search for a colour you’re looking for and simply see what comes up. It’s really quick to do and you’ll get a ton of inspiration from looking at those photographs.

I hope you’ve found this inspiring, please leave a comment below if you liked it!